Change is imminent, and yet the pace at which it takes place could make or break the existing order. One way the deal with change is to adopt and adapt to the latest advancements in every sphere, which we are doing through SBSF Consultancy by building an Expert Professional Group from diverse scientific & technological fields, based in India and abroad. 

Our standard offerings:

  • Preparation of bankable and investment ready projects (DPR), technical guidance, implementation, monitoring, evaluation, etc. for Government, Non-Government, Corporate, Public and Private institutions.
  • Provide technical backstopping to Farmer Producer Organisation/Farmer Producer Company (FPO/FPC) by fine tuning Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) to improve yields, quality of produce, primary value addition, storage and finally establish market linkages.
  • Guide complete value chain for the Corporates dealing with agricultural commodities on quality procurement used for value addition and product diversification.
  • Assist agri-export companies in private sector by addressing sanitary-phytosanitary issues meeting country-specific regulatory requirements and avoiding import alerts mostly in case of Groundnut, Basmati Rice and range of Spices.
  • Monitor high-quality seed production, both for hybrids and open pollinated for Private Seed Companies as well as National Level Agencies for seed production and supply.
  • Help in filing application for intellectual property rights for new varieties, hybrids/parental lines; patenting of new products/formulation; R&D Registration, among others.
  • Supervise/audit organic crop production in agri-horticultural systems, including medicinal plants, and guide the development, implementation and practicing of traceability systems. 

Specialised offerings:

  • Currently, through SBSF Consultancy our focus is to capture and build on siloed data through digitalisation in agriculture and other life sciences industry to bring it to a level where advanced ML (Machine Learning) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) can be applied to seek novel and innovative solutions to some of the most pressing challenges around food security, health and wellbeing in the face of drastic climate changes.      
  • Focus on innovative solutions for utilisation of barren/ marginal lands by introducing high value crops of economic importance/industrial uses.

Going beyond traditional consulting, we can help your business at any stage of maturity and growth leading towards a desired outcome.

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