Science, Business and Sustainable Futures

SBSF stands for Science, Business and Sustainable Futures, concepts and best practices applied to Agriculture and allied subjects. Registered in Kolkata as a Pvt. Ltd. since 2018, the Company is founded and managed by Dr. Mukti Sadhan Basu and Dr. Shravani Basu, and supported by renowned Senior Member Consultants in India, Germany, France, Spain and USA in diverse fields.

Dr. Mukti Sadhan Basu

Managing Director & Consultant

Dr. Mukti Sadhan Basu served national and international organizations namely ICAR, ICRISAT, UNIDO, HIL in responsible positions for over 40 years and headed prestigious International Projects with UNDP, ACAIR, IFAD, EU and National Network Project on Mycotoxins besides serving as Independent Consultant to NAIP (Funded by World Bank).

Dr. Shravani Basu, MBA

Partner & Consultant

Dr. Shravani Basu, who pursued her PhD in Crop Science (specializing in Molecular Genetics) from the University of Nottingham (UK) followed by an MBA has worked with many companies, more prominently with agriculture & pharmaceutical manufacturing companies across UK, Taiwan, China and Germany, in developing strategy for product and business development.

Our Network of Independent Professionals

Manan Arora

Analytics & Data Science Consultant

Dr. Asitava Basu

Biochemistry & Plant Biotechnology Consultant

Dr. Manojit Basu

Food & Regulatory Consultant

Dr. Mrinmoy Datta

Soil Science Consultant

Ángel de Jaén Gotarredona

Data Science Consultant

Dr. Sébastien Foucaud

Data Science & Data Strategy Consultant

Jonathan Greve

Machine-Learning Consultant

Mallikarjun Kukunuri

AgTech Consultant

Devendra Kumar

Agricultural Finance Consultant

Dr. Bishwanath Mazumdar

BioTech & Bio-safety Consultant

Dr. Ashok Mishra

Plant Virology Consultant

Dr. K. S. Murthy

Animal Science Consultant

Dr. S. K. Naskar

Plant Science Consultant

Dr. Subhash Nautiyal

Forestry Consultant

Dr. T. P. Rajendran

Crop Protection Consultant

Dr. Y. S. Ramakrishna

Agriculture Meteorology Consultant

Dr. Krishna Kishore Satapathy

Land & Water Management Consultant

Florents Tselai

Data Science & Engineering Consultant

Mukesh Varma

Organic Agribusiness Consultant