Dr. Mukti Sadhan Basu

Managing Director & Consultant

Dr. Mukti Sadhan Basu is currently serving as Managing Director of SBSF Consultancy and leading consulting on Agricultural Business, Market Development, and Agricultural Production.

Previously Dr. Basu served as the Executive Director of Urvara Agro Biotech Pvt. Ltd., a company headquartered in New Delhi, and is responsible for the overall management of agri-business; implementation of state sponsored projects on organic adoption & certification; policy planning and collaboration at national and international levels, among others.

In former roles, Dr. Basu worked at the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) for 36 years in various capacities, including:
All India Project Coordinator, Groundnut (ICAR) and Director, National Research Centre for Groundnut (ICAR), Gujarat.
During his tenure as Coordinator and Director, Dr. Basu headed several international projects as the Indian Project Leader, namely:
a. United Nations Development Project (UNDP) on Food and Nutritional security with Aflatoxin risk free Groundnut Production (1996-1998)
b. Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) on Water Use Efficiency in Groundnut (1993-1995)
c. ACIAR Project on Breeding for Drought Resistance in Groundnut (1996-2000)
d. International Funding for Agricultural Development (IFAD) on Farmers’ Participatory Research in Food Legumes (2003-2005)
e. European Union (EU) supported project on Bambara Groundnut for Food Production in Semi- Arid Africa and India (2006-2007)

On superannuation from ICAR, Dr. Basu was a Visiting Scientist (Model Seed System) at the ICRISAT Asia Centre (CGIAR); UNIDO International Consultant in Malawi, Africa; Vice President (Product Research & Development) at Krishidhan Seeds Ltd., Maharashtra; Consultant (Seed) Hindustan Insecticides Ltd., a Govt. of India Enterprise, New Delhi; and Sr. Advisor (Seed) National Cooperative Federation of India, New Delhi. In addition, he also served as Independent Consultant to Business Planning & Development (BPD) of the National Agricultural Innovation Project (NAIP) funded by World Bank.

Dr. M S Basu did his M. Sc. (Agriculture) and Ph. D (Genetics & Plant Breeding) from the University of Calcutta.

Dr. Shravani Basu, MBA

Partner & Consultant

Dr. Shravani Basu has a knack for developing and executing successful business concepts across Life Sciences, Financial and Digital Technology sectors.

Following a PhD in Plant Molecular Genetics and MBA from the University of Nottingham (UK), Dr. Basu has lived and worked across continents, which helped her develop an acute ability to understand systems and processes, isolate information from noise and connect the dots to complete the picture. Dr. Basu’s training and work experience across a range of sectors from agricultural biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals to financial technology (Alternative Finance/online Marketplace Lending) and connected devices (IoT) in FMCG & Medical Diagnostics, exploiting data and digitalization in setting up strategy for marketing & business development around existing products, identifying new pipeline products/projects for future growth (new business line), market and customer targeting, revenue modelling, forecasting, among others, gives her the edge to work with most companies in various sectors as the business fundamentals are often the same.

As the head of business development for a large public-listed pharmaceutical CRO-CMO company (Formosa Laboratories Inc.), Dr. Basu had successfully created contracts and managed projects for Brand and Generics with key clients in Europe and the US. Besides this, she has also led profitable in-house API development projects of several million USD. Project delivery within time and budget, through speed to market and manufacturing excellence, ensured successful drug launches. As a pharmaceutical marketing consultant in Shanghai, and strategy and business development consultant for a Fintech in Berlin, Dr. Basu has created new markets and products for launch by setting the strategy and implementation roadmap. She has worked on cooperation and partnership strategy at CrossLend (a fully online marketplace lender) with financial institutions, payment providers, insurance and factoring companies, to name a few, in order to develop the core product with multiple USPs that is not easy to replicate.

Dr. Basu emphatically embraces disruptive business models and out of the box thinking; something to challenge and motivate her at a fundamental level. Working as a consultant, she has never been in short supply of ideas, which has so far helped her overcome language, cultural and geographic barriers.

As a Business Consultant at SBSF Consultancy, she leverages her background, international experience, and skills & competencies in merging business expertise and significant domain knowledge with data strategy.

Dr. Sébastien Foucaud


An Astrophysicist by training, Dr. Sébastien Foucaud has been sifting through colossal datasets even before ‘Big Data’ became the buzz word. He spent his career in acquiring, mining, cleaning and curating data to derive insights and build pipelines and products, first in Astronomy and then for Businesses, by using the power of Data technology and Machine learning. Throughout his career he has been leading teams in Data Science, Data Engineering, Data Analytics, Risk Management and Business Intelligence across various sectors. He specializes in syncing Business Strategy with Data Strategy in developing tangible KPIs and enhancing output through Data & Artificial Intelligence.

Being deeply passionate about data and a firm believer in its great powers through correct application, Dr. Foucaud has made it his mission to help companies, both big and small, to exploit sector, product and customer specific information by developing SMART use cases that businesses can immediately benefit from.

While Dr. Foucaud’s engagement through SBSF Consultancy remains a personal pursuit, he is currently Vice-President Data Science at XING SE, the leading Professional Social Network in the German-speaking countries.

Prior to this, Dr. Foucaud was co-founder and Managing Director of certace, a platform for matching certified freelance Data Scientists with tailored Projects. He has developped his strong understanding of team management in Data Science and Engineering in the context of rapidely growing businesses, while previously serving as the Head of Data Science at Scout24, an internet company in the classifieds sector, the market leaders for real-estate platform in Germany and Austria, and an auto platform operating throughout Europe; as Head of Data Innovation at Naspers, a global internet and media group; and as Head of Data Science at CrossLend, an alternative finance marketplace lending platform in Europe.

Before entering the world of business, Dr. Foucaud built his expertise in data through a 15-year-long career in Astronomy, at Professor level, at the Shanghai Jiao Tong University (China), at the National Taiwan Normal University (Taiwan), and as a Research Fellow at the University of Nottingham (UK). He specialized in exploiting the largest available datasets for Cosmology using advanced analytics, statistics and machine learning techniques by leading cross-functional teams in Physics and Computer Science. He built two of the most important Data Centers and Virtual Observatory in Asia (Data & Computing Center for Cosmology and Taiwan Extragalactic Astronomical Data Center). Throughout his Academic career, Dr Foucaud published over 120 articles in high impact peer-reviewed journals, including Nature, leading to over 10,000 references. He also has been awarded the “Thousand Talents Fellowship” by the Chinese Central Government in 2014 and an Outstanding Early Career Researcher award from the University of Nottingham in 2007.

Dr. Manojit Basu


Dr. Manojit Basu is Vice-President Regulatory Affairs and Product Safety at the Grocery Manufacturer’s Association (GMA). Dr. Basu leads the ingredient safety program and is responsible for leading GMA’s Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) Modernization Initiative, Partially Hydrogenated Oils – Food Additive Petition, Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) rule making, California Prop65, Pesticides Residue in Food, and several Codex Committees. Dr. Basu, also holds an adjunct faculty position at the Johns Hopkins University. Before joining GMA, Dr. Basu served as a Regulatory Scientist at Monsanto and was responsible for leading bioinformatics approaches for allergenicity and toxicity testing of Monsanto’s biotechnology derived products. At Monsanto, he led a team of scientists, data analysts, and IT specialists to identify immediate and long-term needs, and define and implement solutions that could accommodate the rapid growth in the quantity of data and the types of analyses used to evaluate biotech lines in the pipeline likeliest to become successful products

Dr. Basu obtained his Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from The University of Nottingham in the U.K. and moved to the U.S. in 2007 to work for the Department of Energy, Oak Ridge National Lab (ORNL) in Tennessee. His research at ORNL focused on bio-fuels and carbon sequestration. He has authored several peer reviewed publications, white papers, and book chapters on plant sciences and product safety.